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Flea Treatment for House & Carpets Kit - Intermediate

Flea Treatment for House & Carpets Kit - Intermediate

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Our Intermediate Flea Treatment Kit for the House & Carpets contains the same combination of professional flea killer products as the Standard Kit but in double the quantities, offering better value for money. Including flea spray, flea powder and flea bombs, this Kit is designed to help you carry out an effective flea treatment for the home. Suitable for treating a flea infestation in two rooms.

An Intermediate Kit contains the same combination of professional flea killer products as our Standard Kit, but in double the quantities, offering better value for money. The highly-effective flea  products in our Intermediate Flea Kit will enable you to carry out an effective flea treatment for the home.

The kit contains the fast-acting Formula “C” spray which kills fleas on contact and provides residual protection once applied for up to 12 weeks, perfect for treating carpets or materials where fleas can burrow and hide easily. Now containing three insecticides, including an insect growth regulator, Formula C+ stops the adult fleas breeding ensuring there is no increase in numbers. Also in this kit is Pest Expert Natural Flea Powder which is a natural flea killer which effectively kills fleas but is harmless to pets and can even be applied to pet bedding. Finally our Formula “P” Flea Bombs  are included which are ideal for total fumigation of rooms.

This flea kit contains helpful instructions and a guide on how to best treat your home for fleas to help you perform a treatment that any professional pest control technician would be proud of.

If you have a serious flea infestation and you think you’ll need more than some spray and a flea fogger, then see our Advanced Flea Treatment Kit.

This Kit contains:

2  x Pest Expert Formula ‘C’ Flea Killer Spray 1Ltr

2 x Pest Expert Natural Flea Powder

4 x Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Fumer Flea Bombs

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

NB: When treating fleas in the home you should also carry out treatment to your pet to ensure any eggs of live creatures the animal is harbouring will not be brought back inside once you have treated the house. Speak to your vet for the best flea treatment for your pet.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Cutomer Review

    Excellent product that was very effective at treating a flea problem that occurred in my home. Speedy delivery and great value for money. Quicker than calling pest control and having to wait for them to visit again to eradicate the problem. This kit cleared up the issue within a few days. Five stars!

    Cutomer Review

    Everything went as stated with no problems, package arrived on time, very happy with service

    Cutomer Review

    I live in an Edinburgh flat where fleas are rampant. I couldn't afford another visit from pest control and the stuff I bought in the shops was not working including 'the very best'. I bought this stuff online and now I am sleeping as they have all gone in a matter of days. A total recommend.

    Cutomer Review

    Great products at a Great Price.

    I searched everywhere for flea treatment that actually worked and was a reasonable price. I was so pleased to come across Pest Expert with a wide range of products. I'm very pleased with the product and the delivery was next day. I've found a new supplier for flea products.

    Marie-Laure Stone
    Cutomer Review

    Excellent website with very good explanations of flea infestations.
    Next day delivery.