Collection: Carpet Beetles

Need to get rid of carpet beetles?

If you have found threadbare patches in your carpets or rugs it is likely to be damaged caused by carpet beetles and their larvae. At Ltd we specialise in the latest and most effective carpet beetle killing products on the market. All of our insecticidal sprays, fumigation devices and powders are from market leaders Pest Expert ensuring eradication is achieved without the exuberant costs of a professional pest controller.

Carpet Beetle Facts

Carpet Beetles are a common household pest in the UK and the damage they cause is often mistaken for carpet moth damage. The adult beetles are quite small (1/16 – 1/8 inch) and oval in shape. The can vary in colour, from black to various ‘mottled’ patterns of brown and white. The adult beetles don’t cause damage to household furnishing, however, the larvae (woolly bears) feed on keratin which is found in natural fibres and can cause costly damage to carpets and other household furnishings.

Carpet Beetle Infestations

As noted earlier, carpet beetle larvae feed on Keratin which is commonly found in wool, fur, silk, feathers and leather. The adult beetle can enter a property through an open window or be brought it on rugs or even clothing. In the warmer months the female lays her eggs into an area of high keratin (carpets, rugs and clothing) the eggs will hatch and the destructive larvae will develop. As they grow, they feed on carpets, clothing and other natural fibres in the property causing irreversible damage. Until recently carpet beetles were classed as summer pest, however, with advancements in central heating, they are now a year round pest. It is imperative to treat carpet beetles at the first sign of infestation as they can quickly move through a property causing damage as they go.

Expert Knowledge

Here at Pest Control Supermarket we have over 20 years in the industry and have built until a vast pool of knowledge to carefully select a range of carpet beetle killing products to deliver on the best results. Working closely with market leaders Pest Expert, our vast range has a proven track record of achieving total eradication in one treatment and providing last lasting carpet beetle control. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Pest Control Supermarket and this is reflected in our excellent 5 star score on the independent review website Trustpilot.

Look to our complete Carpet Beetle Treatment Kits

Our professional pest control technicians have put together our Carpet Beetle Treatment Kits with eradication at the forefront of the strategy and maintaining long-lasting control. They all contain a range of Pest Expert’s best-selling carpet beetle insecticides ensuring eradication is achieved in the shortest time frame possible. Pest Expert Formula C Carpet Beetle Spray is a powerful insecticidal spray which kills carpet beetles and their larvae on contact whilst leaving a residue that last 12 weeks to maintain long-lasting carpet beetle control. The Pest Expert Carpet Beetle Killer Powder will kill eggs on contact whilst the Pest Expert Foggers and Smoke Bombs will kill anything the volume of the airspace. A step by step advice sheet is provided with every kit outlining the best possible strategy – if you do ever need any additional support, our expertly trained team are only a phone call away.

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