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Need to get rid of pigeons or seagulls? 

Pigeons or seagulls perching and roosting on the your roof or window ledges? At Pest Control Ltd we supply bird proofing products to stop pest birds alighting or nesting on your home or business premises and causing a nuisance.


Pest Control is our business!

Our many years' experience as a London-based pest control services company has given us extensive knowledge and enable us to offer you what we consider to be the best products available to help you control a bird problem without the need for, or cost associated with, a professional technician.


Bird Proofing

Pest birds, including pigeons and seagulls perching, nesting or roosting on ledges and roofs of buildings can be an annoyance and can also lead to a number of other problems including bird droppings defacing the building, fouling surfaces below and making them slippery, and insect infestations. We have a few easy-to-use but effective anti-roosting products, which are not harmful to birds but which will prevent them from occupying protected areas, including the Pest Expert Bird Spike System, Avifix Bird Spike Adhesive and Caulking Gun.

For everything you need to get rid of pest birds, please see our full range of products below.

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