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Pest Expert

Pest Expert Natural Flea Killer Powder

Pest Expert Natural Flea Killer Powder

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100% NATURAL AND SAFE FOR PETS - PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Unlike many flea powders sold on the internet, Pest Expert Natural Flea Killer Powder is specifically produced for the safe treatment of fleas. Contains Chrysanthemum Cineraraefolium extract, which is not only highly effective but most importantly, 100% natural and safe to use around pets – even on pet bedding! Many flea powders contain the insecticide Permethrin, which can be seriously harmful and, in some cases, fatal to pets. We strongly advise against the use of alternative powders containing Permethrin for use around pets. A quick one-minute search will confirm this fact for you.

Pest Expert Natural Flea Powder is a highly effective contact dust which is ideal for use in the treatment of flea infestations. Containing Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium, this product is an excellent method of flea control, and as it is natural and pesticide-free it is totally safe for use around pets and can even be used to treat pet bedding - a great alternative to flea spray.

Pest Expert Natural Flea Powder comes in a puffer pack for ease of application. You should apply approx 10g of product every square metre, paying particular attention to cracks and crevices where fleas can lay their eggs and also areas where pets tend to lie. 

Best used in combination with Formula 'C' Flea Spray and Formula 'P' Flea Bombs or Foggers for a more comprehensive flea treatment. Pack contents: 300g


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    Anna Doolin
    Cutomer Review

    AMAZING stuff we have 2 dogs and a 1yr old baby and it's absolutely easy to use simple and quick both dogs are now calmed down and not itching will definitely be buying again from here no doubt and will recommend to family and friends easy quick and simple to use best price amazing quality

    Customer Review

    Shopping here is certainly not a pest
    Excellent service, product still on trial.