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Need to get rid of cluster flies?

Found flies in your loft or buzzing around your windows on sunny days? If so, you most likely have an infestation of cluster flies. At Pest Control Ltd we supply everything you need, from cluster fly sprays to smoke bombs to help you flush out cluster flies and maintain fly control.


Quality Cluster Fly Products

At Pest Control Ltd we only supply what we have found to be the most effective products from market leaders Rentokil and Pest Expert. Our many years' experience in the pest control service industry has given us the knowledge to put together a comprehensive range of the best cluster fly killer products to help you get carry out a cluster fly treatment in your home or business without the need for, or cost associated with, a professional technician.

Our Excellent 5-star Trustpilot customer feedback rating is proof that our products deliver what they promise and that we strive to deliver the highest level of customer service.


Cluster Fly Treatment Kits

Our best-selling Cluster Fly Kits contain a combination of products, including Cluster fly spray, powder and fumigating smoke bombs or Foggers. All cluster fly treatment kits come complete with a step-by-step advice sheet to help you eradicate a cluster fly infestation.


Cluster flies:

  • Resemble the common house fly but are slightly smaller and much slower in flight.
  • Re approx 6-10mm long and their thorax is dark grey to olive in colour. 
  • Are named after their habit of forming 'clusters' of hundreds or even thousands of flies when hibernating.
  • Invade homes during the autumn months, looking for a warm, sheltered place to overwinter and are usually found in lofts and roof spaces. Homes and offices in rural areas tend to be worse affected.
  • Are relatively dormant over the colder, winter months, but become more active on warmer, sunny days, when they can often be seen buzzing around windows.

For everything you need to get rid of flies, please see our full range of fly killer products below.

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