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Found small moths in your kitchen and cupboards? If so, you most likely have food moths. At Pest Control Ltd we offer only the best food moth spray, food moth fumigation devices, and food moth pheromone traps from leading suppliers to help you successfully eradicate a food moth infestation without having to call out a professional technician.

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Our many years' experience as part of a London-based pest control services company has given us extensive knowledge in the field and enabled us to carefully select a range of products that are proven to deliver results. Customer satisfaction is especially important to us and this is borne out by our Excellent 5-star feedback rating on the independent reviews site, Trustpilot.

Food Moth Facts

There are numerous breeds of food moths; the two main food moths are commonly found in both commercial and residential kitchens and pantries. Indian Meal Moths (Plodia Interpunctella) and Warehouse Moths (Ephestia elutella and cautella) are associated with dried fruits, nuts, and grains, but can also be found in cocoa and chocolate. Other less common species of food moth are the Mill Moth and Mediterranean Flour Moth, which are found in all types of flours, cereals, and baked goods.

Food Moth Infestations

A food moth infestation is more difficult to prevent than a clothes or carpet moth infestation, as they have many opportunities to gain access to your property. The best way to ensure moth prevention is to ensure you purchase cereals and other foodstuffs from reliable and known supermarket brands.

Complete Food Moth Treatment Kits

Our best-selling food moth treatment kits contain an optimum combination of the most effective food moth killer products including Formula 'C+' Advanced Food Moth Spray, Formula 'P' Food Moth Power Fogger, Rentokil Insectrol Spray, and Food Moth Traps. All Kits are supplied with an advice sheet providing detailed instructions on how to carry out a successful food moth treatment and get rid of food moths in your property.


For everything you need to eradicate a food moth infestation, please see our full range of food moth control products below.

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