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Need to get rid of fleas?

Itchy bites on your legs or ankles? Seen small insects in your carpet? Got a pet or recently moved into a house previously occupied by a pet? If so, you most likely have a flea infestation in your home. At Pest Control Ltd we supply everything you need to stop flea bites and eradicate dog or cat fleas fast!


Quality Flea Killer Products

Our many years' experience as a London-based pest control company has given us extensive knowledge of treating flea infestations and enabled us to select the best flea spray and a range of other products - like flea bombs - from leading manufacturers to help you carry out a flea treatment for the home without the cost of hiring a professional pest technician.


Complete Flea Treatment Kits

Our Flea Kits contain a selection of the most effective flea products, including flea spray for carpets, flea powder and flea bombs for fumigation. All Kits are supplied with simple instructions on how to carry out a successful flea treatment and eradicate dog or cat fleas in your home.


NB: Treatment should always be carried out alongside treating your pet to eradicate the source of the flea infestation. Pets should only be treated with dog/cat flea products specifically produced for use on animals and ideally recommended by your vet.


Flea Facts

The two most common types of fleas are the cat flea and the dog flea, although bird fleas are also becoming increasingly common. Fleas tend to be 2-3mm long, red to brown in colour, have a flat body and well-developed jumping legs. Fleas normally live on their host (the dog or cat) but will also bite and feed on humans, especially if the animal is removed from the home. This can create particular problems for people who move into a property previously occupied by an infested pet but can be easily treated with a flea fogger or our flea killer kits.


For everything you need to eradicate a flea infestation, please see below for our full range of flea control products for the home.

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