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Need to get rid of silverfish in your home?

At Pest Control Ltd we supply everything you need to get rid of silverfish fast! Our many years' experience in the pest control industry has enabled us to put together a variety of the best silverfish treatment products to enable you to get rid of a silverfish infestation without the need for, or cost associated with, a professional pest control technician.

Our silverfish control products include Formula 'C' Silverfish Spray and Rentokil Insectrol Powder. We also offer complete Silverfish Kits which contain a range of the most effective silverfish insecticide products along with a step-by-step advice sheet providing all the information you need to carry out a successful treatment.


Silverfish Facts

Silverfish are a common pest associated with kitchens and commercial food premises. They are silver grey in colour and approximately 12mm in length. Mainly active at night, they feed on food debris that accumulates in cracks and crevices. Silverfish will also feed on the starches and gums used to bind books, sometimes explaining activity found in libraries and newly built homes.


For everything you need to get rid of silverfish, please find below our range of our Silverfish Control Products.

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