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Flea Treatment for House & Carpets Kit - Advanced

Flea Treatment for House & Carpets Kit - Advanced

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An Advanced Flea Treatment Kit contains a combination of highly-effective flea killer products to enable you to carry out an effective flea treatment for the home.  The Kit contains sufficient product to treat a flea infestation and achieve flea control in an average-sized house.

This kit is made up of professional grade products that will help you successfully eradicate your flea infestation, including the Formula “C+” Flea Spray which kills fleas on contact and offers 12 weeks of residual protection in the areas applied. It contains three active ingredients, including an insect growth regulator which halts the reproduction of the flea ensuring there is no increase in the numbers of new fleas.

It also includes natural flea powder Pest Expert Natural Fleas Killer Powder; which is harmless to pets but is relentless in killing fleas and can be applied to pet bedding which is a key area fleas harbour. Formula “P” Flea bombs are included to fumigate the rooms required. These flea bombs – sometimes referred to as a flea fogger – are effective in ensuring any place you have missed with the spray and powder is covered in the treatment.

In addition, the Trigger Hose Sprayer provided will facilitate a more even and thorough application of insecticide and thereby help you achieve a more professional treatment. All our Flea Kits are supplied with a step-by-step professional advice sheet to help you get rid of dog or cat fleas in the house.

This Kit contains:

1 x  Pest Expert Formula ‘C+’ Flea Killer Spray 5Ltr (treats 250 sq m)

3 x Pest Expert Natural Flea Powder

6 x Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Fumer Flea Bombs

1 x Trigger Hose Sprayer

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

NB: Flea treatment for the home should always be carried out alongside flea treatment of your pet to eradicate the source of the flea infestation. Pets must only be treated with dog/cat flea products specifically produced for the purpose and ideally recommended by your vet.


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