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Need to get rid of cockroaches?

Noticed an unpleasant oily smell in your kitchen or found irregular brown marks on floors and work surfaces? If so, you most likely have cockroaches. At Pest Control Ltd we supply everything you need to get rid of a cockroach infestation in your home or business with minimal cost and fuss.


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Our background in the pest control industry, gained through years of providing pest control services in London has given us the knowledge to be able to compile a range of the best cockroach products, the majority of which have been sourced from market leaders Rentokil and Pest Expert and so deliver what they promise. The success of our products and our excellent customer service is evident in the comments and 5-star feedback rating we have received via Trustpilot.


Cockroach Kits

As well as cockroach killer spraycockroach traps, and fumigation devices, we also offer complete Cockroach Kits which contain a selection of the most effective cockroach killer products along with detailed instructions on how to carry out a successful cockroach treatment and achieve long-lasting cockroach control.


Cockroach Facts

The two main types of cockroach to be found in the UK are:

  • The German Cockroach (Blatella germanica): Typically 12-15mm long. Identifiable by the two dark stripes on their thorax. Prefer warm, humid conditions and breed at an alarming rate, with one female being able to reproduce up to 320 young!
  • The Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis): Slightly larger at approx 25-30mm in length. Dark brown to black in colour. Tend to be nocturnal and so favour dark places. Breed rapidly, with one female producing up to 160 young.
The main problem associated with cockroaches is that they are disease carriers, known to carry organisms that can cause illnesses including Salmonella, Gastroenteritis and even Tuberculosis. This obviously poses an extreme hygiene concern, particularly to business owners in the hospitality and catering industries due to the risk to customers through food contamination.


For everything you need to eradicate a cockroach infestation, please see our full range of cockroach control products below.

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