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Need to Get Rid of Ants?

Got ants in your kitchen or an ant nest in your garden? At Pest Control Ltd we supply everything you need to eradicate an ant infestation fast!

Pest Control Ltd is proud to been authorised supplier of quality ant control products from leading manufacturers Rentokil and Pest Expert including Pest Expert Formula 'C' Ant Spray, Rentokil Ant Powder and Ant Nest Killer Gels.

We also offer a complete Ant Control Kit containing a range of the most effective ant products to eliminate an ant infestation and kill off the nest, complete with a step-by-step advice sheet providing all the information you need to carry out a successful ant treatment.


Ants Fact File

  • The most common species of ant found in the UK is the Black Garden Ant, which tends to nest outside, although often invades people's homes.
  • Black garden ants are quite easy to identify: they are dark brown-black in colour, 3-5 mm in length and often follow each other along what is known as a 'pheromone trail'. Pheromone is a scent laid by the worker ants in order to direct others towards a food source.
  • Ant nests are most likely to be built under paving stones and building foundations or within cavity walls.
  • Ants are not known for transmitting diseases, although they may have travelled through insanitary locations before arriving in your home.
  • An infestation of black garden ants can cause some people considerable distress, even more so during 'swarming' - a common feature of the mating process that tends to take place in late summer when large numbers of winged males and females, known as 'flying ants', leave the nest and take part in nuptial flight.


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