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Need to get rid of moles

Are moles defacing your lawn or garden and making your life a misery! At Pest Control we supply only the very best mole traps available on the UK market. There are many different types of trap offered for sale today, particularly on the internet, which can be very confusing for the buyer. As a pest control services company with over 15 years' experience, we have the added benefit of having tested many different traps, most of which proved to be either poorly made, fiddly to set up or ineffective. This hands-on testing has enabled us to cut out the confusion and offer a simple and successful tried and tested range. As a result we only supply what proved to be the best mole control products during testing. These are as follows:

  • Mole Tunnel Traps and Mole Scissor Traps: These easy to use budget traps worked better than all other similarly priced devices we tested.
  • Mole Smokes which provide a humane method of mole control by way of coating the lining of mole tunnels, making their food source unpalatable and therefore moving the moles on.
  • And finally, the TomCat Talpirid Mole Trap - this heavy-duty device weighs in excess of 1 kilo and is widely considered in the professional sector to be the best mole trap available! The only choice for those serious about mole eradication!

Mole Facts

Moles are very shy creatures and are rarely seen by man. They live underground in networks of tunnels created with their spade-like feet. Moles can be very destructive and cause great frustration to gardeners, as more often than not all you see is the damage they leave behind by way of 'mole hills' - the earth thrown up by their digging.


To get rid of moles in your garden, please find below our range of the best mole killer products.

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