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Need to get rid of mice?

Found mouse droppings or other evidence of mouse activity? If so, Pest Control has everything you need to eradicate a mouse infestation in your home or business, from rodenticide and sticky mouse trap products to humane methods of mouse control.


Guaranteed Results

Rather than confusing customers with too much choice, we simply supply what we consider to be the best mouse killer products from leading manufacturers Rentokil, Pest Expert and Bell Labs, Inc. / Antec™ Du Pont®. As a division of the Capital Pest Control Services Group based in London, our expertise in this industry has enabled us to put together a range of tried and tested products that are guaranteed to work, ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction. Our Excellent 5-star Trustpilot customer feedback rating is evidence of the success of our products and our commitment to customer service.

Methods of Mouse Control

Mouse bait is the most common method of controlling an infestation of mice. However, when the availability of another food source is hindering control, or in sensitive areas where mouse poison cannot be used, our professional mouse glue traps are a highly effective alternative to rodenticide. Traditional and humane traps and mouse repellent products are also available below.


Mouse Poison Kits

Our Mouse Kits offer two types of maximum strength rodenticide (grain and block bait), enabling you to carry out a "double-pronged attack" in addition to mouse bait boxes and trays for both open and secure baiting. Also supplied with each Kit is a rodent advice sheet providing step-by-step instructions on how to carry out a successful rodent treatment.

For everything you need to eradicate a mouse infestation, please see our complete range of mouse products below.

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