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Need to get rid of carpet moths?

Found threadbare patches in your wool carpet? If so, you most likely have carpet moths. At Pest Control Ltd we offer only the best carpet moth spray, carpet moth powder, and moth pheromone traps from leading suppliers to help you successfully eradicate a carpet moth infestation without having to call out a professional technician.

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Our many years' experience as part of a London-based pest control services company has given us extensive knowledge in the field and enabled us to carefully select a range of products that are proven to deliver results. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and this is borne out by our Excellent 5-star feedback rating on the independent reviews site, Trustpilot.


Carpet Moth Facts

The Case-Bearing Carpet Moth (Tinea pellionella) is a common textile pest which feeds on a substance called keratin, which is present in natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, silk, furs and animal hides. Carpet moth larvae will happily munch their way through the pile of woollen carpets and silk rugs causing irreparable and often costly damage. 


Carpet Moth Infestations

Carpet moths can fly in through open windows from a neighbouring property or larvae and eggs can be introduced into the home by way of infested clothing or furniture. Carpet moth infestations are on the increase in the UK, particularly in wealthier parts of the country where a higher percentage of homes contain expensive woollen carpets and clothing. Until relatively recently, carpet moths were usually only active during warmer weather as cold conditions slow down their life cycle; however, as most households are now centrally heated and insulated, reproduction and development is continuing throughout the year. We always recommend carrying out a treatment at the first sign of moth activity as untreated infestations can quickly cause widespread damage.


Complete Carpet Moth Treatment Kits

Our best-selling Carpet Moth Treatment Kits contain an optimum combination of the most effective carpet moth killer products including Formula 'C' Moth SprayFormula 'P' Carpet Moth Powder, fumigating Foggers, and Moth Traps. All Kits are supplied with an advice sheet providing detailed instructions on how to carry out a successful carpet moth treatment and get rid of carpet moths in your home.


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