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Formula 'B' Rat & Mouse Poison Paste Bait 900g (6 x 150g)

Formula 'B' Rat & Mouse Poison Paste Bait 900g (6 x 150g)

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Formula 'B' Rat & Mouse Poison Killer Paste Bait contains the powerful rodenticide Brodifacoum at the maximum legal strength (0.0029%), helping you achieve fast and effective control of rats and mice in one single dose.
Formula ‘B’ Paste Bait is specially formulated to be irresistible to rats and mice, with unique attractants to increase bait uptake. In addition, the oil-based compounds in the paste help prolong the palatability of the bait.
In fact, tests have shown that rats and mice prefer Formula ‘B’ Rat & Mouse Poison Paste Bait to other foodstuffs, making it ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants and food premises, where other rodent control measures have failed due to alternative sources of food being available.
The easy-to-use sachets make baiting clean and simple with the option of piercing them onto rods for use in bait boxes and tunnels.
To achieve rapid control of rats and mice, you should place several bait points where you have noticed rodent activity e.g. droppings, gnawing, points of entry, nests or burrows.
For the control of rats: Use bait points of up to 100g placed approx 10m apart, reducing to 5m if the infestation is heavy, and leave undisturbed for several days.  If there are no signs of rat activity near the bait after a period of 5-7 days, then move the bait to another area where activity has been noticed.
For the control of mice: Use bait points of 40-60g placed 5m apart, reducing to 2m if the infestation is heavy. Mice are very curious by nature, and it may benefit control to move the bait points every 2-3 days after inspection/topping up the poison.


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