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Mouse Poison Bait Blocks 900g (3 x 300g)

Mouse Poison Bait Blocks 900g (3 x 300g)

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As with all of our rodenticide products these second generation mouse poison bait blocks are professionally formulated by brand leaders Pest Expert®.

They are designed to achieve optimum results and contain the powerful single-feed rodenticide, Brodifacoum, at the maximum legal strength (0.0029%), making them a highly effective solution to your mouse infestation whether it is in your home or at a commercial property.

These mouse poison blocks have been created to provide multiple gnawing surfaces for mice, which encourages them to take on more of the poison and deliver a lethal dose in a single feed so it doesn't rely on them re-visiting the bait points. The blocks are formulated with wax-free ingredients and are made with wheat wholegrain to mimic the mouse’s natural diet, making them highly palatable and increasing the uptake and effectiveness of the poison.

The blocks are easy to use and can be secured in our Pest Expert Lockable Mouse Bait Boxes
, making them safe for use around pets or children and in other sensitive areas. The weatherproof nature of these boxes also makes them ideal for outdoor use.

To use:

  • Place 1-2 20g blocks into the left-hand compartment of a Lockable Mouse Bait Box and place stations at 2-5m intervals where activity has been noticed.
  • Check bait boxes every 2-3 days and replenish mouse poison blocks as necessary until no more bait is taken.

If you have a mouse infestation, we recommend our Mouse Poison Kits, which contain bait blocks and Formula 'B' mouse poison so you can take a 'double pronged attack' approach to eradicating the problem. This is a technique used by many professional pest control technicians and is a rapid way to get your infestation under control.


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