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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Trap/ Sticky Mouse Traps (24 Pack)

Pest Expert Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Trap/ Sticky Mouse Traps (24 Pack)

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Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Traps are a highly effective method of mouse control, delivering rapid results. Each mouse glue trap measures a full 22 x 14cm, with an extra strong adhesive. These mouse trap boards should not be confused with cheaper, inferior sticky boards that are often not strong enough to successfully trap mice! 

Suitable for home or business use. Ideal for difficult to treat situations such as food premises, or where control with mouse traps, mouse poison or baits have proved unsuccessful.

PLEASE NOTE: Mouse Glue Trap products vary considerably in terms of board and adhesive quality. Many glue traps available are often designed primarily for insects, or fail to trap as they are too small in size. Our mouse glue boards are always industrial strength.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 152 reviews

    This really works. The glue is so sticky that could almost trap a human. Very happy with my purchase, it served its purpose.

    The only thing that has worked!

    Have tried a number of other products with no luck. These really are the best things on the market!
    Easy to use and safer than poison in a house where there’s young children.

    Lesley Briggs
    It worked first time!

    After putting down poisons, which it didnt take and trying a mouse trap which also didnt take the bait I tried on of these and after one night I caught it. Obviously may not be the only one but will try another one .. Thankyou


    This morning after a week of trying to catch this little mouse with no joy I decided to give these a go put them down and came down this morning and finally we’ve caught it Thankyou so much pest control expert I have a phobia of these little things and what a relief it is that we’ve got him will put more down to see if there is any more but any one thinking of getting these they do actually work

    Eduard Zinca
    Very good product

    I.ved received yusterday Pest Expert Glue Trap I'ved couth a mouse les than one day..
    I will recomand Pest Expert to every one house hold Brillianrt Fantastic product...