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Pest Expert Formula P Carpet Beetle XL Fogger 530ml

Pest Expert Formula P Carpet Beetle XL Fogger 530ml

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The Pest Expert Formula P XL Fogger is a powerful aerosol fumigation device containing the highly effective insecticide Pyrethrum. It is designed to fumigate an enclosed space providing rapid knockdown to carpet beetle infestations.

Unlike the traditional smoke bomb, the Pest Expert Fogger does not need to be lit eliminating any fire risk, making it a safe alternative to smoke bombs. However, it does work on the same principal, filling an enclosed space with an insecticide killing any carpet beetles present. Once activated the canister will empty its content for approximately 5 minutes. Following this the room should be sealed and left for 3 hours to allow full fumigation of the room. Larger than the standard 150ml fogger, this XL 530 ml Fogger will fumigate a larger space providing a wider knockdown of the carpet beetle life-cycle at surface level. The use of a Fogger is an integral part of any comprehensive carpet beetle treatment, however, it leaves no long-lasting protection and should be used alongside the residual spray Pest Expert Formula C. One fogger is sufficient to treat a room approximately 8 x 5m. For fumigation of larger areas add extra foggers as required.

For a full, comprehensive treatment please see our Carpet Beetle Treatment Kits. They follow the principle of combining active ingredients and delivery methods within a restricted time frame, providing quick and wide ranging knockdown across all stages of the carpet beetle lifecycle and maintaining long-lasting control.

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