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Pest Expert Formula P Carpet Beetle Killer Powder 300g

Pest Expert Formula P Carpet Beetle Killer Powder 300g

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Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Carpet Beetle Powder is a potent and fast acting contact insecticide which provides rapid knockdown of the whole carpet beetle life cycle. The powder contains the powerful insecticide Permethrin at the maximum legal strength which assures you will achieve total carpet beetle eradication.

The powder is supplied in a 300g puffer pack bottle which makes application easy and precise. It should be applied in a thin layer, ensuring you cover all areas of damage and activity. Leave the powder down for at least 30 minutes to an hour before vacuuming thoroughly.

For a more intense treatment, the Formula ‘P’ Powder can be left down in areas where pets and children cannot access it, and where it cannot be disturbed and become airborne, such as behind furniture.

When treating a carpet beetle infestation, it is advised that you should use a combination of actives to achieve total eradication. For a more thorough treatment, it is advised that the Formula ‘P’ Powder is used alongside with both the Formula ‘P’ Fumers and Formula ‘C’ Spray.

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