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Carpet Beetle Treatment Kit (Standard)

Carpet Beetle Treatment Kit (Standard)

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This highly effective Carpet Beetle Treatment Kit from Pest Expert has been designed by their professional technicians to eradicate a carpet beetle infestation within one room. The products have been specifically chosen to provide a quick knockdown to all stages of the carpet beetle life-cycle (including eggs) and to leave an ongoing residue to maintain control going forward. With products only coming from market leaders Pest Expert and Rentokil, they are of the highest quality and will provide the best possible results. The products can be used in a wide array of situations including both residential and commercial premises ridding your property of the unwanted, destructive pests.

The Pest Expert Carpet Beetle Treatment Kit includes Pest Expert Formula C Carpet Beetle Killer Spray 1L. The new and improved formula now contains three powerful active ingredients, including an insect growth regulator and is a fast-acting, water-based spray which kills carpet beetles on contact and leaves a residual film of insecticide which continues to kill and protect for 12 weeks. A Pest Expert Formula P Fogger is included, this is a powerful fumigation device, releasing an aerosol containing the potent active ingredient Pyrethrum, providing rapid knockdown of carpet beetles at surface level. Pest Expert Formula P Carpet Beetle Powder is supplied with this kit. It is a professional-grade insecticidal dust containing the potent active ingredient Permethrin and is effective against adult beetle, eggs and larvae. Rentokil Insectrol Spray has been included in this kit for the direct application to live carpet beetles for a quick kill.

With all of our insect kits, we supply a step-by-step professional advice sheet outlining the most effective treatment process, ensuring a professional standard treatment is carried out and eradication is achieved.

This Kit contains:

1 x Pest Expert Formula 'C' Carpet Beetle Killer Spray

1 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Carpet Beetle Killing Fogger

1 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Carpet Beetle Killing Powder

1 x Rentokil Insectrol Spray


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