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Rat Bait Blocks Kit 1 (Includes 1.5kg Blocks & 2 Bait Boxes)

Rat Bait Blocks Kit 1 (Includes 1.5kg Blocks & 2 Bait Boxes)

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Rat Bait Block Kit 1

Rat Bait Block Kit 1 is ideal for those who prefer to use rat bait blocks rather than rat poison grain bait for the control of a small-to-moderate rat problem.

As with all our rat poisons and rat bait boxes, the components within this kit are from Pest Expert®. Rat Block Kit 1 includes 1.5kg (5 x 300g) premium-grade Rat Poison Bait Blocks together with lockable tamper-resistant bait boxes.

The formulation of the Rat Bait Blocks within this Kit is considered by many in the professional sector to be the best available. Its success is due to an optimal blend of food stuffs for high palatability, while the multiple facets encourage gnawing, both of which encourage bait uptake. Pest Expert Rat & Mouse Poison Bait Blocks are a professional-strength rodenticide containing the unique single-feed active, Brodifacoum, formulated at the maximum legal concentration of 0.0029%.

The Rat Bait Boxes are lockable and tamper-resistant, making them excellent for use in gardens or outside commercial buildings. Each bait station is supplied with a key for secure locking and a metal rod for holding rat bait blocks in place.

This Kit contains:

1.5kg x Rat Poison Bait Blocks (5 x 300g)

2 x Rat Bait Boxes

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

Excellent value, and the finest bait blocks on the market!

To control a larger rat problem, please see our Rat Bait Block Kit 2 in related products below, which offers double the quantity of both Rat Bait Blocks and Rat Bait Boxes.


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