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Rat Bait Blocks Kit 2 (contains 3kg Bait Blocks & 4 Bait Boxes)

Rat Bait Blocks Kit 2 (contains 3kg Bait Blocks & 4 Bait Boxes)

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Rat Bait Block Kit 2

Offers outstanding value, and the finest bait bocks on the market!

This rat bait block kit is perfect for those who prefer bait blocks rather than conventional rat poison in order to control a heavy to moderate infestation.

The components used in this rat killer kit are from industry leaders Pest Expert®, so you can be sure that you are getting a high quality product when you buy this kit.

The rat bait blocks in this kit are considered by professionals to be amongst the best in the business due to their blend of natural food ingredients to make them highly palatable. In addition, the multi-faceted design encourage rats' habit of gnawing, which improves bait uptake.
Pest Expert Rat & Mouse Poison Bait Blocks are a professional-strength rodenticide containing the unique single-feed active, Brodifacoum, formulated at the maximum legal concentration of 0.0029%.

The Rat Bait Boxes are lockable and tamper-resistant which makes them ideal for use in gardens or in public places, like the outside of a commercial building where rats are often seen running. Each station is provided with a key to make them secure, so you can ensure the bait blocks stay in place.

This Kit contains:

3kg Rat Poison Bait Blocks (10 x 300g packs = 150 blocks)

4 x Rat Bait Boxes

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet


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