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Clothes Moths Control Kit 2 (Pest Expert Products)

Clothes Moths Control Kit 2 (Pest Expert Products)

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Clothes Moths Control Kit 2 Wardrobes

This clothes moth killer kit includes the very best moth killer products to help you carry out a controlled eradication of a clothes moth infestation to two double wardrobes.

The kit includes Formula “C+” Clothes Moth killer spray which is a powerful but odourless water-based insecticide that is harmless when sprayed on items that aren’t damaged by water but leaves a protective residue that will linger for up to 12 weeks to prevent re-infestation. Containing three powerful active ingredients, including an Insect Growth Regulator, Formula C+ kills clothes moths on contact and also leaves an insecticidal residue that continues to protect for up to 12 weeks, killing eggs and larvae as they transition through the life cycle stages.

Also in this kit are two Formula “P” Moth Killing Foggers, which are designed to fumigate an entire room and is safe as no naked flame is needed to active them. The foggers will naturally dissipate and won’t leave any unwelcome deposits for you to clean up afterwards.

We also include two twin packs of Pest Expert clothes moth killer hanging units and a twin pack of Pest Expert moth killing strips which are both excellent products for treating a clothes moth infestation, killing all stages of the clothes moth from larvae to adult.

And finally included are 2 x Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Traps. These are a professional grade moth pheremone trap, popular within the textile industry as a tool for continual monitoring and early detection of clothes moth activity This device should not be confused with cheap paper pheromone attractants / moth traps that can be found on the market.

This Kit contains:

1 x Formula C Insecticidal Moth Killer Spray with trigger 1ltr

2 x Formula P Moth Killing Fogger 
(Safer, reduced fire risk. No sparking fuse or matches required)

1 x Twinpack of Pest Expert Moth Killing Strips

2 x Twinpack Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Cassettes
(Effective for up to 6 months)

2 x Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Trap

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Cutomer Review

    Good products, packaged well and arrived quickly. Most importantly it worked!

    Cutomer Review

    Amazing products! Completely eradicated the horrible clothes moths I had. What more could you ask for?

    Cutomer Review

    Perfect kit and products to get rid of moths in your clothes! Worked really well. Would definitely recommend.

    Cutomer Review

    Great kit... especially the cassettes and strips. Straight forward to use as it came with full instructions

    Cutomer Review

    This kit is amazing! Completely got rid of the moths in my expensive wool jumpers. Thank you