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Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Traps (10 x Pads, 3 x Holders)

Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Traps (10 x Pads, 3 x Holders)

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Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Traps


Moth Traps are an excellent method for monitoring a moth infestation, or level of moth activity. Also used for detecting early signs of moths in the home, these moth traps will attract clothes moths of the Tineola species which will also attack other textiles such as carpets, rugs or upholstery. 

While moth traps are a useful device for establishing the state of a moth infestation, or detecting early signs of textile pests, please note that moth traps will not achieve moth control when used alone, and should be used as indicators or as part of a moth control programme.

One Moth Trap pack includes:

3 x Demi-Diamond Moth Traps

10 x Moth Pheromone Lure Pads

To order Demi Diamond Moth Pads without holding traps, please see refill packs on related products below. Only £8.95 for a 10 pack!!


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