Collection: Rat Glue Traps

Tested Glue Boards For Fast Rodent Control


Our professional rat glue boards are the quickest method of rodent control and a highly effective alternative to rat poison in situations where another food source is hampering control or rat bait is not suitable for use, such as in restaurants, bakeries, food processing factories and other business premises.

The Pest Expert Rat Glue Traps we sell are used by our own pest control technicians in the field and are the most effective on the market, with a large surface area and made from a strong plasticised card coated with an industrial strength adhesive.

Rats are often cautious of new things in their environment, which sometimes makes trapping and poisoning a slower process; however, as glue traps are unobtrusive and lie flat to the floor, when placed around the edges of the room rats will simply run over them unaware and become stuck. 

If you are looking for an additional or alternative method of rodent control, please click on the embedded links to go to our Rat Poison or Rat Traps & Repellers page.

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