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Rat Glue Traps / Rat Glue Boards / Sticky Boards (Pest Expert) 6 Pack

Rat Glue Traps / Rat Glue Boards / Sticky Boards (Pest Expert) 6 Pack

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As used by professional pest control technicians, these heavy-duty rat glue boards provide a highly effective method of rodent control. Measuring a full 34 x 22cm, unlike other rat glue traps they are made of a solid plasticised board that is strong enough to trap rats and enable successful rodent control.

Glue traps must be checked at least twice per day. It is also essential that they are placed out of reach of non-target species.

Please Note:

Rat glue traps vary considerably in terms of board and adhesive quality. The cheap card variety are often a waste of money, as they are not large or strong enough to successfully trap rats.Our glue boards are the same industrial strength as those used by professionals.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 131 reviews
    Darren Tucker

    Very happy with the Sticky pads, first day of putting a pad down and caught my rather large intruder in the attic. Pretty much filled the whole pad and it still held it firm.

    Paul Lundy

    Left the back door opened and rat gained access to my home. I tried rat traps and a cheap sticky glue trap. I say cheap just to advise people not to buy these. They are a complete waste of money. Rat was clever and avoided the traps. I bought four altogether but rat wasn’t interested . So I bought six Pest Control glue boards and placed them strategically on either side of the kitchen entrance. Rat was caught during the night. Really happy with the result as I was beginning to think that I would have to share my home with this pest during the winter months. Boards are well worth the money. I now have my home back. Thank you.

    Cutomer Review

    Having caught 2 little rats with snap traps the big un got clever, running across the kitchen floor and dodging everything. After seeing the reviews I got a pack of 6, hubby put them down at 11am and at 11.30pm the clever rat was not so clever anymore!! They work brilliantly and so sticky ( watch ya fingers when opening them) Result

    David Jarrett
    Cutomer Review

    I had a rat terarising my daughter's guinea pigs in my outdoor shed, tried a few traps but out smarted every time.

    I put the glue trap down before bed and in the morning the rat was no more. Rats are smart but not smart enough for this product, truly brilliant!

    Cutomer Review

    I??e been trying to catch the mouse in my kitchen for a few weeks now but he outsmarted all of my moves! After putting one of these sticky boards out on the FIRST day I received them in the post, I have caught the intruder. Beyond happy