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Red Mite Killer Smoke Bombs 11g

Red Mite Killer Smoke Bombs 11g

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Pest Expert Red Mite Killer Smoke Bombs are powerful insecticidal smoke generators, particularly suitable for fumigating larger hen houses as each Fumer will treat an area of up to 100 cubic m. The permethrin smoke released by the Fumer penetrates cracks and crevices for a fast knockdown, rapidly eradicating a red mite infestation.

To treat for poultry mites:

  • Remove chickens and keep out for several hours after treatment to allow any residual smoke to disperse. No egg removal is necessary.
  • Clean out the inside of the coop and seal any gaps as far as possible. Place the Fumer in the centre, light it and then close the coop behind you and leave for at least 2-3 hours before returning.
  • Apply at a rate of one 3.5g Fumer per 30 cubic m, or one 11g Fumer per 100 cubic m.
  • For a more comprehensive treatment, we recommend use alongside other residual poultry mite treatments such as Protector P.

Contains 13.5% Permethrin.

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