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Rat Poison Killer Kit Professional - Small Infestation

Rat Poison Killer Kit Professional - Small Infestation

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Ideal for a small rat infestation

Product Information

This is the smallest of our professional standard rat killer kits, designed for minor rat activity in one area or where only a single or couple of rats have been seen. The heavy-duty lockable rat bait station included in the kit allows the poison to be securely housed, making it ideal for use in outdoor situations or other sensitive areas, where there may be risk of contact from non-target species, pets or children.

Formula 'B' Rat Poison supplied within this kit is from the Pest Expert range of rodenticides. Formula 'B' contains maximum legal strength rodenticide. Unlike other inferior rat poisons on the market, Formula 'B' is totally wax-free and made from only the highest quality whole-wheat grain. As a result this makes the rodenticide highly palatable to rats, ensuring an accelerated uptake and guaranteeing both rapid and effective rodent control.

Safe and Easy to use

All of our rat poison kits come complete with a step-by-step advice sheet, ensuring that rodent control is a simple and straight forward process for everyone. Furthermore, all of the rat bait boxes within our kits are professional standard, lockable and supplied with a key. Each is made from a sturdy heavy-duty plastic moulding and every one of our kits is supplied with the correct and appropriate amount of rat poison.

For larger rat infestations or when rat activity has been noticed in several areas, more rapid control will be achieved by using additional bait stations/feeding points. In these instances, please look at our Rat Poison Kits 2 or 3.

Buyer Beware!  Important Bait Box Advice:

We would like to advise customers to be cautious of rat poison kits viewed elsewhere online many of which contain bait boxes with clip-on lids. Such bait boxes are extremely flimsy and manufactured from material similar to that of a disposable plastic cup!

This means that they are not particularly safe, neither are they weatherproof, childproof, nor lockable. They are highly likely to blow away when used outdoors, resulting in a loss of contents and risking exposure to children, birds and other non-target species.

Furthermore, such kits often contain only a very small quantity of rat poison when you look closely at their contents, this means not only are you likely to fail in your attempts to achieve control, but inevitably you will need to buy more poison.... Costing you even more money!

All our rat poison kits are supplied with professional standard, lockable, heavy-duty bait boxes which do not disappoint!

This Kit contains:

1 x Professional Heavy Duty Lockable Rat Bait Station

1 x 1kg Formula 'B' Rat Poison (10 x 100g sachets)
(compared with 250-500g in similar kits on the market)

4 x Rat Bait Trays

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

Please Note:

Although this Kit has been created for amateur use, it contains the same products a professional pest controller would use and should therefore not be confused with cheap DIY kits available elsewhere.

Formula 'B' is now supplied in easy-to-use measured 100g sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. 


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    Bait box

    Great fast delivery, good value strong bait box. Definitely does the job!

    Alistair Colman

    Great company to deal with 10 outa 10
    No problems.

    Cutomer Review

    Certainly cured my rat problem within a day.
    Delivery time was as advertised.
    Highly recommended.

    Cutomer Review

    Quick delivery great website easy to order quality products, so quiet you don?? hear a mouse happy to recommend pest control supermarket anytime

    Cutomer Review

    Living in a rural area rodents are a common problem but that is the price you pay. However, when numbers increase and become all the more bold action is needed. Pest control supermarket provided me with a safe and effective method of control both mice and rats. Product was despatched promptly and arrived on given date and time. So well done and thankyou