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Rat Poison 3kg - Formula 'B' Rat Killer from Pest Expert (30 x 100g)

Rat Poison 3kg - Formula 'B' Rat Killer from Pest Expert (30 x 100g)

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Formula 'B' Rat Poison from Pest Expert is a professional-standard rat killer containing maximum strength bromadiolone and made from premium whole wheat for outstanding palatability and bait uptake. This quality UK-made rodenticide delivers rapid results! Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Only £5.99 per kg!

Rat Poison 3kg - Formula 'B' Rat Killer from Pest Expert (30 x 100g)

Formula 'B' Rat Killer from Pest Expert is a premium quality UK-made poison containing the maximum strength rodenticide permitted for sale. Its unparalleled success in achieving rodent control in all conditions has made it the rat bait of choice within the professional pest control industry.

Formula 'B' is made from premium whole wheat, which makes it highly palatable to rats, avoiding the need for the added attractants that inferior products often have to use to increase bait uptake.

Formula 'B' Rat Killer is ideal for eradicating rats in both indoor or outdoor situations, including garden sheds, lofts / roof spaces, under kitchen units, etc. It is also perfect for commercial use in warehouses, factories, restaurants, food premises, and farms.

Rat poison is the most popular way of dealing with a rat infestation. Follow the easy steps below to achieve swift and effective rat eradication:
  • Place rat poison in areas where you have noticed rodent activity, e.g. on rat runs, along fences or walls, where droppings have been found, near to or inside rat burrows.
  • Use 100g of rat poison at each baiting point, located roughly 10 metres apart, or 5 metres where high levels of rat activity are noted.
  • Check baiting points every 5-7 days, replacing any poison taken. When feeding stops, this is your indication that control has been achieved!
  • Use bait boxes to make poison inaccessible to children, pets, birds and other non-target wildlife.
Please Note: When using Formula 'B', please ensure that it is not exposed to children, pets or any other non-target species. Our heavy-duty lockable rat bait stations are designed to enable safe use. Please see related products below.

Now supplied in easy-to-use measured sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. Pack contents: 30 x 100g


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