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Pest Expert Wasps Nest Killer Powder (300g)

Pest Expert Wasps Nest Killer Powder (300g)

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The Pest Expert Wasps Nest Killer Powder can kill wasps’ nests within 24 hours. It is ideal for use in situations where the nest is not visible or accessible but where wasps can be seen flying in and out, for example, under the eaves of the house, through air vents, in to a cavity wall or under tiles etc.

This Wasp Nest Killer Powder comes in an easy-to-use puffer pack and contains the active ingredient permethrin, which is a highly-effective wasps nest killer, killing wasps on contact and destroying the inside of the nest as it is taken through on their legs and/or wings.

To use, shake well and puff the powder at the point of entry to the nest. A second application may be required in wet weather.

We recommend treatment is carried out early in the morning or late in the evening when wasps are less active. Protective clothing is always recommended. (See related products below).

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