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Pest Expert Ultimate Cockroach Killer Spray (10L), 3 x Powders, 3 x Smoke Bombs & 6 x Traps

Pest Expert Ultimate Cockroach Killer Spray (10L), 3 x Powders, 3 x Smoke Bombs & 6 x Traps

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This Ultimate Cockroach Killer Kit from Pest Expert contains a range of the strongest and most effective cockroach killer products, providing unbeatable results in various situations. With enough product to treat in excess of 100 square meters, this kit will provide effective cockroach control in a whole house of business premises.

Formula P+ Ultimate Cockroach Killer Concentrate is the latest maximum-strength insecticide concentrate from Pest Expert. It is the only product on the UK market that contains three active ingredients, meaning no other product can compete with its ability to rapidly control any level of cockroach infestation, from minor to severe.

Only recently being approved for amateur use, the exclusive combination of powerful active ingredients: Tetramethrin (0.9%), Permethrin (6%) and PBO provide unbeatable results and cannot be found anywhere else, making it the strongest cockroach killing insecticide available on the amateur market. A 100ml concentrate bottle will dilute to to make 10L and will treat 100 square metres.

Tetramethin provides a fast-acting knockdown of cockroaches whilst Permethrin maintains control through leaving a potent, long-lasting residue which continues to kill cockroaches. Piperonyl Butoxide significantly enhances the efficacy of the product which attacks the central nervous system of cockroaches on contact and/or when ingested.

The advanced formulation makes this highly effective cockroach killer perfect for use in a wide array of situations. It can be used to treat cockroach infestations in domestic premises such as houses and caravans but also can be used in commercial situations such as restaurants, takeaways, B&B’s and hotels.

In addition, Pest Expert Formula P Powder is included which is a permethrin insecticidal dust which is a highly effective cockroach killer and an essential part of any comprehensive cockroach treatment. Easy-to-use puffer pack. Ideal for applying to sensitive areas where a spray may not be suitable (e.g. around power points etc).


The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Super Fumer Cockroach Smoke Bomb contains 300% more of the cockroach killing insecticide, permethrin, than a regular Fumer. A powerful fumigation device, the Super Fumer is an essential component in any comprehensive cockroach treatment. The Super Fumer releases an insecticidal smoke which can infiltrate even the most hard-to-reach areas where cockroaches may be hiding. Perfect for treating kitchens and food preparation/storage areas as it leaves no residue.

6 Cockroach Traps are included within this kit, they are pre-baited and are a fantastic monitoring tool for the home or business. In addition, they are a great way to establish the extent of the infestation and allow you to determine how far cockroach activity has spread the property.

This pack contains:
1 x Pest Expert Formula P+ Advanced Cockroach Killer Concentrate (makes up to 10 litres)
3 x Pest Expert Formula P Cockroach Killer Powder 300g
3 x Pest Expert Formula P Super Fumer Smoke Bomb 11g
6 x Pre-baited Cockroach Traps


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    Cutomer Review

    Good medicine for cockroach. They were everywhere but gone now with this good insect killer

    Cutomer Review

    Top quality products with excellent customer service! All round happy customer that no longer has cockroaches! Thanks Pest Control Supermarket!

    Cutomer Review

    Cockroaches are now gone thanks to these wonderful insecticides! They work so much better than shop bought products!

    Cutomer Review

    10/10 recommend this company! Great service and even better products.