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Pest Expert Professional Rat Traps (Twinpack)

Pest Expert Professional Rat Traps (Twinpack)

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Our new Pest Expert Professional Rat Traps contain a powerful and rapid kill bar with a sensitive trigger, guaranteeing a fast and reliable capture. The robust design ensures the traps are able to uphold the same high standards of catching and killing rodents many times. This means that the traps are suitable for use in properties with any level of infestation. The traps provide a very hygienic way of disposing the rat thanks to the easy release mechanism and as they offer complete control of body disposal, the risk of unwanted smells is eliminated.

To use the rat traps, simply place a sticky bait, such as peanut butter or chocolate spread onto the centre circle on the trigger and press the top bar down to set. Place in an area in which activity has been noticed, such as next to skirting boards, in a loft space or garage.

It is recommended that a sticky bait is used for the best results to ensure the rodent applies pressure to the trigger plate. When handling the trap after the capture and disposing of the body, it is advisable to wear gloves and ensure that the rodent is then double bagged for a hygienic and safe disposal.

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