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Pest Expert Formula P Silverfish Killer Powder

Pest Expert Formula P Silverfish Killer Powder

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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Silverfish Powder (300g)  is a highly effective silverfish killer suitable for Silverfish control in hard to reach areas and around electrical cabling. As silverfish are mainly active at night time, the best measures are prevention not only cure, Formula P contains the active permethrin, a broad spectrum insecticide, which will maintain its killing power for up to 12 weeks, ensuring that night or day your silverfish infestation will be in rapid decline. Formula P is a contact insecticide targeting all stages of the life cycle for various insect pests. As silverfish feed not only on food debris but also on starches and gums used to bind books and wood, they can often be found in homes, particularly in areas where using a water based spray would not be suitable such as around electrical cabling, electrical equipment and freshly laid woodwork.


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