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Mouse Poison Kit 2 (Pest Expert)

Mouse Poison Kit 2 (Pest Expert)

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Ideal for treatment of a moderate mouse infestation

Unbeatable value, our best selling mouse poison kit!

Mouse Poison Kit 2 is a professional standard mouse control kit, suitable for treatment of a moderate to large mouse infestation in your home or business. Incorporating components from Pest Expert®, you can be assured of the highest quality mouse poison, and most importantly, rapid and effective mouse eradication.

This mouse poison kit has been specifically designed to enable you to replicate the mouse control treatment that would be carried out by a professional pest control operator. This kit allows you to use two types of mouse poison – an approach known as the ‘double pronged attack’ – which is considered to be the most effective method of removing a mouse infestation.

Mouse Poison Kit 2 includes 600g (6 x 100g) Pest Expert Formula 'B' Mouse Poison, a wholewheat grain bait that is ideal for open baiting with bait trays to provide an 'easy feeding' station for foraging mice, which is perfect for secure areas such as underneath kitchen units, under kitchen sinks, and in loft spaces, etc.

In addition, 30 x Mouse Poison Bait Blocks are also included along with 12 x Pest Expert lockable Mouse Bait Stations for safer/more discreet baiting in sensitive areas such as those used by children and/or pets or areas in a business where open baiting is not appropriate. 

This Kit contains:

600g (6 x 100g) Pest Expert Formula ‘B’ Mouse Poison

30 x 20g Mouse Poison Bait Blocks (2 x 300g)

12 x Pest Expert Lockable Mouse Bait Stations

8 x Mouse Bait Trays

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

Formula B grain bait is now supplied in easy-to-use 100g measured sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Pauline Robinson
    Cutomer Review

    Tried everything to rid rats back of my garden under decking ( going next garden for bird feed)

    Tried Other suppliers products, non worked, tried bleach, Jeyes fluid not worked
    Got the professionals in, not worked
    Googled for help and came across pest control supermarket, and read reviews
    Delivery on time
    After just 30 hrs not seen any rats, they loved this bait, and the first morning, rats was constantly eating it, so far has worked extremely quick Great !

    Customer Review

    Excellent service
    Excellent service and delivery, would use and recommend again

    Richard Holland
    Customer Review

    Prompt updates and clear information on the package's ETA. Couteous delivery and undamaged package.

    Customer Review

    Excellent service and delivery, with helpful staff and advice.
    I phoned to find a product for getting rid of mice as the poison I was using supplied by Rentokill was being eaten but not removing the problem. A product was recommended as the more powerful strength available. My order arrived in 2 days and by day 4 I was finding dead mice.

    Customer Review

    Fast Reply.. Fast Delivery of goods, Excellent