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Formula 'P' Pro Fumer Spider Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

Formula 'P' Pro Fumer Spider Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

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The Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Pro Fumers are an integral part when eradicating spiders as they provide rapid knockdown of all spiders exposed to the airspace. Pro fumers are an integral part of a spider eradication process as they penetrate cracks and crevices where spiders harbour. Smoke bombs are versatile as they can be used in the home, business, garage and shed.

Apply at a rate of one pro fumer per 60 cubic metres, or a room measuring approximately 6m x 4m (standard ceiling height). To treat larger areas, add extra super fumers, as necessary. Once the pro fumer has been ignited, the room should be closed off and left for 2-3 hours before re-entering. Ensure that the room has been fully ventilated (1-2 hours) before returning. 

To maintain longer-term spider control, Formula 'P' Pro Fumers are best used alongside residual insecticides such as Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Advanced Spider Spray, as the smoke has no lasting effect once it has dispersed.

For a more comprehensive treatment, please see our Pest Expert Spider Treatment Kits located in the related products below.


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