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Cockroach Killing Formula 'P+' XL Fogger (530ml)

Cockroach Killing Formula 'P+' XL Fogger (530ml)

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The Formula 'P' XL Fogger is a cockroach killing fumigation device and an integral part of any cockroach control treatment. Designed as a safer and cleaner alternative to smoke bombs, this cockroach killer product is perfect for activation in rooms infested by cockroaches.

Working in the same way as the traditional insecticidal smoke bombs, the Formula 'P' XL Fogger has the advantage of not needing to be lit, thereby eliminating any possible fire hazard. Releasing pyrethrin gas for a period of 5 minutes after activation, in terms of effective coverage area for cockroaches, one Fogger will typically treat a medium to large kitchen. For additional rooms or larger areas, add extra Foggers as necessary.

The Formula 'P' Fogger is best used in combination with residual insecticides such as Formula 'C' Cockroach Killer Spray and Formula 'P' Cockroach Killer Powder for complete eradication.

See also our comprehensive Cockroach Kits, which are supplied with step-by-step professional advice sheets.

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