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Lureking Bed Bug Monitoring Traps (Pack of 10)

Lureking Bed Bug Monitoring Traps (Pack of 10)

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The Lureking Bed Bug Monitoring Trap is a discreet and effective bed bug monitoring trap, it is designed to trap bed bugs through the development stages from nymphs to adult bed bugs. Containing an unique attractant, these bed bug monitoring traps are perfect for trapping bed bugs through all stages of the life cycle providing a means to monitor activity within the property.

Place each trap on the bedroom floor next to the skirting board under the headboard of the bed. This allows for effective monitoring of bed bugs within the room and can give an indication of the level of infestation. This trap is designed as a monitoring tool and should not be solely relied upon to eradicate an infestation, if bed bugs are being caught, insecticides should be applied.

Each pack contains 10 individual traps.


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