Collection: Rat Poison

The Best Rat Poison Available In The UK

To keep customer choice simple we only offer what we consider to be the best rat poison on the market from leading brands, in two formulations: grain bait and bait blocks. The Formula 'B' Rat Killer and Rat Bait Blocks we sell contain maximum strength bromadiolone, a powerful rodenticide with proven results, for fast and effective control of a rat infestation. Both types of poison are made from top quality food-grade ingredients to increase palatability and bait uptake.

In addition to rat poison, we sell heavy-duty Rat Bait Stations and Tunnels, which are lockable and tamper-resistant for secure baiting in sensitive and outdoor areas to prevent access by non-target species, pets and children. 

Highly recommended are our Rat Killer Kits which have been put together to treat various sizes of rat problem. These Kits contain both rodenticide and rat bait boxes providing excellent value for money, and are supplied with step-by-step instructions on how to carry out a successful rodent control treatment.

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