Where to find moths

Where do I find Carpet Moths?

The first stage of any successful Carpet Moth treatment is to establish the areas of activity.

Although we call them ‘Carpet Moths’ they will eat anything containing keratin (keratin is a structural protein found in hair and skin). Common sources of keratin include clothing, carpets, furniture and rugs.

Larval activity is never far from an egg harbourage; like many insects, moths will seek to lay their eggs out of the way of predators, we use the guide “dark spaces, cracks and crevices” to find areas of activity; for example, you should be checking by the skirting boards, under furniture, in drawers and in wardrobes for any sign of activity.

Common signs of activity?

  • Damage (Bald/worn patches in the carpet)
  • Adults or larvae
  • Silk Webbing (this looks much like snail trails)
  • Case-bearings (these look like grains of rice and often take the same colour as the food source due to the ingestion of dye by the larvae)

Once you have checked the property you will know where and in how many rooms the moths are present, this will help you determine which treatment pack is required and where to focus your treatment.

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