What Causes Roaches in a Clean House and How to Get Rid of them?

Roaches are significant antagonists to healthy living that can ruin the lifestyle. No matter how clean your house may be, roaches love to stay in a dark and wet environment. If your home has dark spots with moisture, these roaches can enter your house through any holes and gaps. Because roaches are flexible insects that can enter any of the tiny holes. As roaches are cold-blooded, they cannot create heat to keep themselves warm, resulting in the entry of these species inside the home concerning the climate change. In this article, we will discuss what causes roaches in a clean house and how to get rid of them to prevent health problems.


What Causes Roaches in A Clean House?

As mentioned earlier, roaches love to stay in dark and wet places. These roaches are nocturnal insects, and they love to roam at night, and it isn’t easy to find cockroaches during the daytime.

These roaches are flexible insects that can enter any tiny holes in your place. Some major entry points include vents, drainpipes, holes in the walls, and even a grocery bag from the supermarket.

Roaches live in the world for millions of years and can adapt to any climatic changes and global destruction. They are non-seasonal insects and can be found in any month or week of the year.

Does Climate Change relate to Cockroaches?

  • Warm Weather

As the temperature rises, the number of roaches also increases. This is because their reproductive rates are higher during the spring and summer. Additionally, their metabolism rises, and this results in higher food intake

  • Cold Weather

Roaches cannot withstand freezing temperatures; they will find a place to hibernate and store food. A home kitchen and bathroom will be the perfect places for them to stay safe with an ideal food source.

  • Rainy Weather

Roaches are more active during the rainy season; there are more chances for cockroaches getting your home in this climate. As they love dark and wet environments, home is the safest place to stay and roam around for food.

  • Dry Climate

Parched weather will drive roaches into your house because these pests cannot live for a long time without water. Though roaches can live up to 30 days without food, they cannot live more than seven days without water. This encourages cockroaches to enter your home.


How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Home

Getting rid of roaches is not easy, as they have been living with humans since ancient times. You can search online for many DIY methods, but to really eradicate them its best to use professional products.

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