Types of cockroaches in the UK

There are around 4,600 different species of cockroaches worldwide and there are a few cockroach species that we may come across in the UK.

Two of the most common types are the German cockroach and Oriental cockroach. Occasionally you may also come across the American cockroach and Brown-banded cockroach.

American cockroaches are the larger of these four at around 3-5cm in length. They mostly live on trees and are not always found in homes and businesses in the UK. When they are, they will usually be found in dark, humid and undisturbed environments, such as basements.

Far smaller is the brown-banded cockroach, at just 1-1.5cm in length. They favour warm, humid environments - ceilings, attics, inside and around kitchen appliances.

Oriental and German cockroaches are more common and are more likely to be found in UK homes and businesses. German cockroaches are around the same size as the brown-banded cockroach at 1-1.5cm in length and like the brown-banded cockroach like warm humid environments.

The Oriental cockroaches are also quite large reaching between 2.5cm to 3cm. They actually prefer cooler temperatures and are often found in or around water sources like sewers. When we think of a cockroach in the UK, the image that springs to mind is usually the Oriental cockroach.

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