Top tips to avoid a Rat infestation

Rats can cause big problems. Whether you’re worried about suffering an infestation in your home or your business, it’s worthwhile taking some measures to reduce the risk.

Here at Pest Control Ltd we sell some fantastic pest control products and can help you if you discover evidence of these rodents in your buildings. However, before it gets to this stage, it’s worth bearing the following tips in mind.

Don’t put off those repair jobs

If you’ve been meaning to do repair work to your premises for a while, now’s the time to get your tool kit out or call in the professionals. The fact is, when premises are in a good state of repair, rats find it much more difficult to get in.

These animals are opportunistic, meaning they prefer buildings that are easy to access. If you’ve sealed off holes in your walls and closed any gaps, they’ll simply head elsewhere in search of food and shelter.

It’s also worth checking that your drains are in a good state of repair and making sure that access points are suitably covered or have water taps.


Keeping up a rigorous cleaning regime can be tricky, but if it helps you minimise the risk of rat infestations, it’s well worth it. First and foremost, make sure you remove sources of food and water. If you leave edible treats lying around for these rodents to feast on, you’ve inviting trouble. They have a powerful sense of smell and once they’ve discovered food in your property, they may well return time and again to look for more.

Also on the subject of food, make sure that any compost bins you use are placed on hard standings to prevent rats burrowing up from underneath.


Rats are always on the lookout for materials they can nest in, so don’t do them any favours by leaving piles of timber, paper and so on out for them to use.

Be watchful

It also pays off to be watchful. If you notice a rat problem early and use the right pest control methods, you may be able to prevent the issue from escalating. Regularly check cupboards and drawers for droppings just in case. Also, if you see signs of gnawing of you hear scratching or scurrying at night, it’s time to take action.

Take your pick

If you’re unlucky enough to find you have these unwanted house guests, just take your pick from our impressive selection of products. Whether you’re after rat poison, rat glue traps or anything else, you’ll be able to find it on our website.

We make your life simple by offering you only the very best products on the market. You should find it easy to make your selection and ordering from us is quick and straightforward.

Don’t panic

The important thing if you think you’re suffering from a rat infestation is not to panic. With the right approach and superb pest control supplies, you can get the upper hand over these furry little animals.

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