Tips for Landlords concerning rodent infestations

 Being a landlord dealing with a rodent infestation can be a tricky situation. Rodents can gnaw their way through bricks and concrete which could cause major issues with the structure of a building. It is important that when signs of a rodent problem have been spotted, the problem gets dealt with promptly. With these few useful tips, you can be sure you will have a happy tenant and a rodent-free property.

When determining who deals with the infestation, you should always refer to the tenancy agreement. The agreement may state who is responsible for dealing with the infestation and keeping the building in good condition and maintaining the living space.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is if the property was infested before the tenant moved into the property. If it was infested with rodents before the tenant moved in, it is likely that the landlord will be responsible for dealing with the issue. As implied by common law, in furnished properties landlords have a contractual duty that there is “nothing so noxious as to render it uninhabitable” when the tenant first moves in.

If the infestation is due to the occupant, such as them not dealing with waste properly, poor upkeep of the property, not cleaning to an adequate standard or leaving food lying about, they may be held liable to deal with the issue.

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