The simple route to humane pest control

Pest control is an important part of maintaining a home or commercial premises. If you don’t keep on top of this issue, it can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you with a nasty problem to deal with. However, you might not feel comfortable with the idea of killing the creatures you’re trying to keep at bay.

It’s true that many pest control products UK do result in the deaths of the animals or insects being targeted. However, you may be pleased to note that it’s also now easy to get your hands on humane versions. Here at Pest Control Supermarket we offer an array of products that may suit your requirements. Whether you’re trying to rid your property of mice, rats or squirrels, we can help.


At this point, it’s important to note that when you use live traps to catch creatures, it’s vital you check them at least every 24 hours.

Mouse traps

One of the products we offer is the Humane Metal Multi-Catch Mouse Trap. This is a metal multi-catch device that’s capable of holding up to ten mice at once. It also has a clear window on top so that you can inspect it quickly and easily. It features good ventilation through side air vents, meaning any mice you capture won’t struggle to breathe. In addition, these items are re-usable and are constructed from robust metal, meaning they can stand the test of time. It’s recommended that you use one trap per affected room or area where mouse activity has been noticed.

We also sell a Humane Mouse Trip Trap. This simple item provides a safe and effective method for the capture of mice around your home. It’s great for pest control in all indoor situations where mouse activity has been recorded. Multiple traps may be needed.

Rat traps

If you need to capture rats rather than mice, it’s well worth checking out our STV Rat Cage Trap. This humane product comes complete with a protective handplate and carrier handle, making dispatch easier once activated. This is important because you no doubt want to avoid being scratched by the creatures you capture. The packaging will provide you with further useful information on the live capture of rats.

Rat & Squirrel Cage Trap

You may also be interested in our Rat & Squirrel Cage Trap. This provides a highly effective and humane method of trapping nuisance squirrels and rats and, like the previous product, it comes with a protective handplate and carrier.


We also sell electronic deterrents to help keep your property free from vermin. For example, we offer the FM89 Advanced Mouse & Rat Repeller from Rentokil. This is designed purely for repelling rodents and it uses an ultrasonic frequency together with the added benefit of electromagnetic technology. One unit can provide protection for an area of up to 2,500 square metres.

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