The most common household pests EXPOSED!

A new study has revealed the most common household pests in the UK by region. Residential properties in Northern Ireland and Wales are very likely to suffer with rats, whereas households in the South of England are a hotspot for wasps and insects. In Scotland, birds are the most common pest.

Pest controllers in London are more likely to get enquiries about bed bug infestations, and properties in the Midlands often suffer with cockroaches. In the North, homes will suffer with ant and mouse infestations.

This study was carried out by the interior company Hilary’s. The company has complied a new infographic which shows what pests are the most common in which areas of the UK.

The spokesperson for the company Tara Hall has said “Discovering you have unwanted critters living in your home can be unnerving. This tool could help homeowners take action to prevent an infestation in the first place.”

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