The Importance of effective Rat control

Rats can be a big problems for businesses and if yours is affected by the presence of these rodents, now’s the time to take action. Unfortunately, these animals are thriving at present and their numbers are on the up, meaning it’s especially important to be proactive in keeping them at bay.

It’s thought there are now more than 80 million rats in the UK and they are especially prevalent in big cities like London.



If you don’t start using pest control products straight away when you see rats or evidence of the creatures, you may be storing up trouble for the future. The fact is, people rarely get away with just the odd sighting. Usually when one rat is spotted, there are many more around.

Also, these rodents breed very rapidly, so it really is worth trying to nip the problem in the bud. The sooner you address the issue, the easier it may be to resolve.

More details

The most common type of rat seen in the UK is the brown rat, also known as rattus norvegicus. These are typically dark brown in colour and they range in length from 12cm to 30 cm, without the tail. Meanwhile, their droppings are black in colour and they’re a cylindrical shape, measuring around 2cm in length.

Typically, the animals are nocturnal, but if they are hungry they can be seen foraging for food during the day.

Disease and damage

The main problem associated with rats is disease. The animals are carriers of bacteria that can cause illnesses, including the potentially fatal leptospirosis, or ‘Weil’s Disease’. They can also carry hantavirus, typhus, meningitis and salmonella.

In addition, the creatures are capable of causing damage by gnawing through electrical wiring. In Britain alone, they cause around £25 million worth of damage every year to the fabric of buildings.

Here to help

While rat numbers may be on the increase, so too are methods for dealing with them. Here at Pest Control Ltd we’re experts when it comes to rat killer and trapping products. By taking a look around our website, you can view a range of effective and straightforward products.

Whether you’re after rat glue traps or anything else, just peruse our online catalogue.

A proven track record

When you invest in our solutions, you can rest assured you’re buying leading brands that have a proven track record. We only use premium products from market leaders including Rentokil, Pest Expert and Bell Labs.

Rats may be clever creatures, but with the right products at your disposal, you should be able to fend them off and keep your premises clear.

Saving you cash

Getting your hands on these solutions will require a little spending, but this should prove to be a savvy investment. After all, by tackling the problem ASAP, you stand to minimise the extent of any infestation.

Also, getting to grips with a rat problem is vital if you’re to safeguard the reputation and future of your company. Health inspectors do not take kindly to the presence of these furry animals and nor do the general public.

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