The best products and treatment for bed bugs!

Bed bugs are the most unwanted pest in the household pest world, they are notoriously hard to eradicate and they are a parasite of man. They come out at night and feed on the blood of on people sleeping, however, there are methods to eradicate you property of the unwanted guests.

Fumigation devices such as smoke bombs and foggers will fill the volume of the airspace up with an insecticidal smoke or aerosol which will kill any adult bed bugs open to the volume of the airspace. However, the smoke will not penetrate areas such as stitching lines of mattresses which are areas bed bugs tend to reside, so it is always advisable to use more than just fumigation to eradicate an established bed bug infestation.

Products such as powders and sprays can be applied to areas such as stitching lines of the mattress, headboards, the mattress and other areas and will not only target the full life-cycle not just the adult bed bugs. These products will also leave a residue which will continue to kill bed bugs for a prolonged period, maintaining control for an extended period after the initial treatment. Bed beg monitoring traps are also a product that can be used to monitor activity following an insecticidal treatment for bed bugs. They contain a lure which attracts the bed bug to the trap and it will then be caught on the sticky adhesive.

All of these products can be found from various suppliers, however, Pest-Expert have a fantastic range of insecticides where all the concentrations of active ingredients are set at the legal limit. They also have treatment kits put together by their team of professionals to eradicate bed bugs once and for all!

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