Tackling a Flea infestation at home

Finally settling into a new home can be great. After all the stress and upheaval of selling your old place, packing up and relocating, you can at last enjoy the fruits of your labour and relax in your new environment – well, in theory at least.

The only trouble is, you might have found some unwanted houseguests in your new pad in the form of fleas. Sharing your new property with these tiny, irritating bugs isn’t the best start to this new chapter in your life.

Don’t panic

Thankfully, help is at hand. Here at Pest Control Supermarket.com Ltd we sell a range of pest control supplies and should have the perfect products to help you tackle your flea problem in no time.

To find the supplies you’re after, just take a look around our website. For example, we offer some of the best flea spray products around, as well as range of other supplies that can help you carry out a flea treatment in your home without relying on experts.

Let’s face it, moving home isn’t cheap and doing your own pest control rather than paying for specialist firms can save you a tidy sum.

Spotting the signs

These pests can be hard to spot. They’re extremely small in size and it’s easy to miss them as they crawl and jump around. One sign fleas may be in your home is the appearance of itchy bites on your legs or ankles. Also, if the home you moved into used to have pets, it’s more likely you’ll be suffering from an infestation.

As soon as these little critters are on your radar, you’re more likely to see them jumping on your furniture, your carpet and, worryingly, yourself!

Some facts

The two most common types of flea found in UK homes are dog and cat fleas. However, bird fleas are becoming increasingly widespread. These insects tend to be between two and three millimetres in length and red to brown in colour. They also have a flat body and well-developed jumping legs.

Normally, they live on their hosts, in other words the dog or cat, but they will also bite and feed on people, especially if the pets are removed from the home. This is why they can cause such problems for new property owners.

Check out our kits

To tackle your flea problem, you can take a look at the range of flea killer products we sell. You might be interested in purchasing our flea kits, for instance. These contain a selection of the most effective products, including sprays for carpets, power and a flea fogger for fumigation. All these kits come with simple, easy to follow instructions and are straightforward to use. Even if you have no experience in pest control, you won’t struggle.

It’s worth noting that if you have a pet, treatments for your home should always be carried out alongside treatments for your animal. This will help ensure the problem is eradicated. Of course, pets should only be treated with specialist flea products specifically designed for use on animals and ideally recommended by vets.

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