Spiders in the Home

Most people will find coming across a spider in their home an unsettling experience, small and hairy to large and hairless in appearance, you may wonder why you are seeing so many in your home. Just a few steps can help to get rid and prevent them from entering your home.
Spiders will come in through the smallest cracks, holes and crevices, eliminating as many as possible will block them from entering your home and setting up inside. It is also best to look for any holes created from cabling/wires entering your home and sealing them as best as possible as they can and will get in on them.
Damaged windows can be another entry point, so check them and any door/window screens often for any that may be torn or loose fitting. Replace damaged screens and fix holes and gaps in weatherstripping.
Dark, dusty and dirty can be a favoured place of spiders, meaning a clean and tidy home is a good defence against these eight-legged invaders. Remember to clean those corner, high and low. Kitchens and anywhere food is prepared or eaten can provide spiders with a steady food supply so always clean up any crumbs or spillages.
The outside of your home can be just as important, keeping flowers, grass, plants and trees trimmed neatly, greenery or rockery for that matter touching the outside of your home can invite spiders to come explore in your home.
Mating season falls in late summer and early autumn, where spiders will leave their web in search of a mate and like to nest in warm dark areas, so you many see more around this time. But spiders or most spiders at least prefer the milder, damper weather of late autumn and early winter.

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