Mating season for spiders begins in early autumn and lasts for less than two months, but the sight of a spider crawling along the ceiling one minute and gone the next can be more that a little distressing for some of us. Spiders, like all our native wildlife, are an important part of our eco-systems and in the autumn will be looking for somewhere dry where they can breed. Which often leads them to our garden sheds and unfortunately our homes too. If spiders don’t bother you leave them to it, they are great natural pest controllers.

If you are not keen on spiders and would rather not share your house with them, you can capture them using the old piece of paper/card board and a glass trick and take them outside.

Spiders native to the UK are not considered dangerous or harmful, but in some circumstances – if you seem to have an unusually large infestation of spiders for example –you may wish to seek out a professional Pest Controller or reach for one of Spider Treatment Kits. If you believe it is not a native species like the False Widow Spider you would be best calling the professionals to deal with it.

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